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Technical Security Lead / Finland

We are looking for a Technical Security Lead todevelop the M-Files product security asset. In this role, you will define and prioritize the security backlog, and oversee the development of the Secure Development Lifecycle-based security process. Additionally, you will contribute technical expertise to the work of our development teams. Your key tasks will be to coordinate, guide, and contribute to internal security assessments for the M-Files product, and to oversee the M-Files product's external security landscape. You will work in close collaboration with other M-Files security units.


Product Development facing tasks:

  • Manage the Product Development Security Policy
  • Facilitate a security forum that comprises software architects and developers.
  • Preparing and facilitating the recurring Product Security Prioritization meeting to drive decisions on security-related findings and feature requests.
  • Drive security-related development across development teams.
  • Develop a Secure Development Lifecycle process in Product Development.
  • Guide and mentor Feature/Product teams on security assessments.
  • Collaborate with external security communities (e.g OWASP)
  • Define tools and processes that are used in Product Development for security analysis (Black Duck, HackerGuardian, etc.)
  • Support Customer Success and Sales with security-related topics.

Optional - If you are experienced with coding and like doing it, this role can be modified accordingly to accommodate that.

Customer / external facing tasks:

  • Manage the M-Files security offering.
  • Communicate M-Files security offering to customers together with Product Marketing.
  • Creating collaterals around security to support the sales process and customer communication.
  • Represent the security team in customer meetings.
  • Help customers with security-related questions.
  • Participate in internal audits.

Key interfaces to other M-Files roles

You will work in close cooperation with the following teams, as well as other internal and external stakeholders: Quality & Development, IT, Product (R&D), Customer Success, Services, and senior leadership.

You will thrive in this job if you have

ยท Suitable degree in business administration, information security, or a technology-related field required.

  • Deep knowledge of Cloud/DevOps/SaaS security requirements.
  • Excellent technical understanding of cloud/server/web product security functionalities.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience working with information security and risk management.
  • Knowledge of common information security management frameworks, such as Secure Development Lifecycle.
  • Excellent communication skills and a high level of personal integrity.
  • Ability to facilitate risk analysis and problem-solving with people from different parts of the company.
  • Experience with contract and vendor negotiations and management including managed services.
  • Specific experience in Agile (scaled) software development or other best in class development practices.

Deadline for applications: 2/28/2021

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Katso kaikki avoimet työpaikkamme
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